My supervisor is a bitch

Hello, folks!

Here is the sex story from my friend:

Hi, my names is James. I'm 24. Last year I was looking for a job. When I finally got one, I had a supervisor Alice there. She has not really big tits, but pretty face, nice ass and red hair. She was 26.

From the very beginning i understood that she's a bitch. It's true, she was always yelling at me because of some stupid stuff about the work. I think it's because she's working all day long and has no boyfriend to fuck her well.

One day I worked till the night - we had a big order, so I had to prepare everything for the delivery in our warehouse. I was so fucking tired, trying to finish the job and finally get home, grab some beer and watch TV.

Everybody went home. There was only me on the warehouse and Alice in the office. Her duty is to close everything before going home.
She entered the warehouse and started to yelling at me: "What the fuck, James, why it's still not ready for tomorrow delivery?" That wasn't the first time, and as I told you earlier, she is stupid bitch, but it was the last straw.

There are no cameras in that corner, so I grabbed that bitch and told her to shut the fuck up. I will always remember her big scared eyes in that moment. But this is not the end, I continued: "You're so annoying bitch, I think you just want a big hard cock in your mouth, and I'll shut you up with mine"

I ripped her blouse, put her on her knees and sticked my penis into her mouth. I don't know why she didn't resist - she was shocked first, but then I swear she licked it and swallowed it to the balls. After the brutal face fuck I turned her over, I took off her jeans and fucked this moaning slut from behind. Her pussy was so wet and juicy. Hmmm, sweet memories. After that i finished with a massive jizz shot on her face.

Believe me or not, after this incident it was repeated many times. Good times, folks.

Now I'm working in another company and sometimes I miss my supervisor bitch Alice.

So guys, how you like my friend's story? Leave your comments below and feel free to send me your stories.

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